Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Family? and Day Off?

Family? I have one. I don't have a lot of members - the Nazis managed to wipe a lot of us out very effectively. But I do have one. And the members of that family do know how to get in touch with me. They really do. They have emailed me now and again and have contacted me sporadically over the years. But in today's Email I had a communication from my half-cousin who teaches at the University of Maine, asking about my aunt - my father's sister. Apparently there was a family get-together this past year of descendants and farther flung relatives on my father's side of the family in Prague. "I'm sure you got the invitation," my cousin wrote, before getting into his question about my aunt.

Why didn't I get an invitation to this family gathering? I didn't get the invitation or any information about it at all. And I find that quite curious since it was my family's get-together and my father and aunt were the original two children of the father's first marriage and I was the ONLY child. The one and only!

This is leaving a really bad taste in my mouth. 

So I'm left with a rather bad taste in my mouth and the feeling, once again, of having been thrown out with the bath water because I don't live in Germany, because I focus on my current life, not the past, and because I don't communicate BS back and forth with people.

I plant deep roots.

If I was hard to find, I could understand it. But I plant deep roots and I'm really, really easy to find. I've been in the same city since the late 1970's, lived in the same house since 1987, had the same business for 26 years, and I've been in touch via email over the past five years with the organizers of this event for different reasons. But I wasn't notified about this gathering - at all.

Call me disgruntled, crabby, angry and a bit sad. It would have been nice to meet some of the other members of my family. I probably would have enjoyed it.

I'm happy to reach out if I'm met half-way. 

But my half-cousin wants to phone me and talk about my aunt, and I'm fine with that. I'm trying to set something up for next Wednesday at a time that won't interfere with my weekly call with Aearwen.

Time to multi-task again...

Today is my "day off" and I have two repairs to do, an art piece to work on, two fics to finish and a list of errands as long as my arm. To get everything done I'll have to be super efficient and everything will have to fall into perfect place. Think of today equating with those wonderful domino falling events. When I leave the house, I'll be working on time schedules for each place - X opens at 7 am and so does Y so I can do those first. I have to be at Z at 9, but I can combine Z with A because they deal with the same people. B and C can happen on the way back home, with a side detour for P if the weather is cooperative. Then there is grocery shopping, three loads of laundry, changing the sheets and making dinner.

I think I want one of these...

Can I just play turtle and pull my blanket over my head, hiding from the world for 24 hours instead? Dreams! Pipe dreams...

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