Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Interruptions and Writing

Interruptions are a fact of life, and I (like many of my readers) operate better without outside interruptions, conversations or sounds. I have trained myself over the years to ignore the television sounds in the background, so I usually can tune those out successfully. I like having the news on in the background in my early morning hours, it brings me back up to date on world events and current temperatures and weather. But I cherish my quiet time in the early morning. My time from waking up until 6:00 am is my time to think, to read my emails and LJ posts, and to write my daily blog. It's my thinking time, my viewing pics time, and my catching up with friends time. It is NOT my 'socialize with DH' time.

Socializing is not always what I want to do.

Lately he's been sleeping less, been more restless, and has been waking up earlier. Today he was up at 3:30 am and by 4:30 am he was in his chair in front of his computer playing LOTRO. I wouldn't care, but his chair is less than six feet away from mine, and I am attuned to pay attention when he talks, mumbles, complains, or otherwise vocalizes. It is inhibiting and I am not happy.

Normally I would leave. I would grab my laptop and flee to my local coffee shop. Unfortunately they don't open until 5:30 am, which is still one hour away from now. So I have to put up with him and I'm not happy. But, I remind myself, it's just an interruption *sigh*.

Tables, plugs for my laptop, coffee, oatmeal. I do a lot of my
writing at my local Caribou Coffee.

Fall has finally arrived here in the Twin Cities. Sunday was glorious - blue skies, autumn colors displaying their best and mild temperatures. Yesterday and today are the first days that my heaters have been on in my house and my business. It's been cold, it's been wet, it's been grey skies, rain, wind, and the leaves that looked so glorious on Sunday are being driven to the ground in droves. Soon we'll be raking this deciduous throw-off and adding huge piles of dead leaves to our compost piles.

The colors along the North Shore in northern Minnesota can be
spectacular. This year was a good year for color.

I'm getting geared up for NaNoWriMo and I'm getting really excited about diving back into my novel and finishing it. There's still so much of the journey that my characters have to walk. I downloaded a sample/trial copy of Scrivener last night and I'll do the second half on this program. I'll merge the two halves after the end of this year's NaNo and then start the editing. If I have anything left to write, I can do that in December/January. Then it will be time for editing. I'm really looking forward to pushing my editor into his box and not letting him out until December. There is something rather liberating about allowing myself the freedom to just write words, followed by words, followed by more words.

Happy Tuesday to all!

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