Monday, September 23, 2013

What a Nice Weekend

OK, to be absolutely truthful, my weekend is from 5:00 p.m. on Saturday until Monday morning - so not really a full two days. But it was wonderful, nonetheless. Why? Read on...

I'm dancing for joy lately. I know that won't last, but it's
a great thing right now. 

Saturday at 4:00 p.m. was the second pick-up day at my Father-by-Marriage's house for items that had been sold on the on-line auction. Everything except the pool table and one person from out of town's items had been picked up by the time I dropped by to see DH there after I shut down the store Saturday night. I went through the house with him. The rooms are mostly empty. We still have clean-up to do, and there is trash to throw out, but there is no other way that we could have gotten so much out of the house so quickly. Even though I would have changed some things if I was doing this again, it was a good experience. We waited until my nephew arrived with a new toilet that he was installing in the downstairs bathroom, then left to grab some dinner and call it a night.

The easiest way? Have a relative do it for you! Yes, of course
we paid him - he is a trained plumber. But we didn't have
to try and do the darned thing ourselves. Yippee!

Sunday we woke, dressed and went to Renaissance Festival for the day. The weather was perfect. It was cold in the morning - mid 50's when we arrived. But the skies were blue - not a cloud in sight - and by the afternoon the temps were in the mid 70's and the fest was crowded with patrons. Next weekend is the final weekend of this year's Fest, so we'll be there rain or shine to wrap the season up. Another plus - the final two weeks of the season they run a special price on next year's season tickets, so we purchased next season's admissions yesterday and saved a bundle. Basically, during our fourth visit we start attending for free and since the season is seven weekends long, we go for free for half of the weekends. It's a great deal and we always grab it.

Twig the Fairy was in fine form at Fest yesterday. She started at the
Minnesota Renaissance Festival many years ago and is still'
one of our top street performers.

We had a nice, light dinner and DH grumped about how horribly his football team is playing this year (they were really pathetic in yesterday's loss). My team plays tonight, but I have high hopes for them. Go Broncos!

DH's Minnesota Vikings played horribly on Sunday. Hopefully my
own beloved Denver Broncos can do better tonight on Monday Night Football.

An on-line writing friend is coming to town for a wedding at the end of the week and we're trying to work out a RL meeting for Wednesday. I'll know more a bit later today or tomorrow, but it would be a wonderful thing. I always love to meet my on-line friends and acquaintances in RL when I can. Some of my best friends started out as text exchanges between keyboards and I cherish each one!

Meeting new friends is always such fun!

The final items from the on-line auction are being picked up this afternoon and at 6:15 pm tonight, and then we'll be done with this segment and ready to get the house on the market. We're running about a week later then I wanted on my mental schedule, but that's not too bad considering all we were trying to get accomplished. Fall is looking like it's going to be a great season!

And finally, an author I follow on-line made a custom cell-phone skin featuring one of her books and had the link. I decided that since it was very inexpensive, I could afford to change skins for the season, so I downloaded an autumnal pic and it's getting printed and shipped to me as we speak. If you're interested in making one for yourself, check them out at .

I decided on a detailed look at that solitary autumnal tree that I used
in my celebration of fall post last week. It will be a wonderful
seasonal cellphone sink for my phone. 

Have a great Monday!

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