Saturday, September 21, 2013

Equinox is Coming

Sunday afternoon is Equinox and I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful day as I move into the season of shorter days and longer nights. The beginnings of red leaves are visible on the trees here and within a month our hillsides will be Nature's painted canvas with the richness of her fall paintbrush. I love autumn up here because the reds and oranges are so different from the fields of intense gold that the aspen trees gave to the hillsides of my youth. I suspect we'll be spending Sunday at the Renaissance Festival - we only have two weekends left in this season's Fest.

I love this railway tunnel in the autumn leaves.

I thought I'd give pictures of wonderful, colorful autumn scenes today - the beautiful colors of the fall. In another post I'll concentrate on the harvest, but today I'm focused on the colors of fall.

This mountain trail is so tempting to walk down.

I have been inspired by the colors of fall in my own artwork and pull that season of harvest and change into my fiction writing as well. It truly is my favorite season of the year and even though fall is short up here, I will enjoy every single color-filled day.

This solitary tree is just stunning at lakeside. 

So enjoy the colors of autumn as it arrives in the Northern Hemisphere (or the promise of the Spring with the Summer ahead of you in the Southern Hemisphere). Celebrate the Solstice as we move into the season of abundance.

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