Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dizzy and the Tree & Flower Awards

Dizzy - it's a term that gets used fairly often. When someone is acting dizzy they are flitting here and there, never really landing or concentrating on one thing or another. Turning around and around to become dizzy so that I could fall backward and watch the world revolve around me used to be one of the favorite things I did when I was a child. For that matter, maybe I should do it again one of these days  - it was super fun. But getting dizzy when you're in your daily routine, walking from one place to another, leaning over to pick something up or climbing up a ladder to get something while dizzy - those are not good things. My DH has been fighting through dizziness for the past few days, and this is the third or fourth time this year. I'm starting to get quite concerned about this and so is he. If this goes on much longer I'll need to make a doctor's appointment for him.

Some people will feel dizzy just looking at this graphic.

But I have the Minnesota Bead Shop Hop coming up from October 1-13th and Chickie will be on vacation and out of town for much of that time so I'll be short staffed. That means that doctor appointments will have to wait and we're just going to have to hope that things settle down soon. I'm worried nonetheless. So many of my f-list and blog readers are in medicine. Any ideas? I'm sure it has to do with the inner ear, but he did have his ears looked at and they seemed fine. It could be sinuses or maybe the turn of the seasons, but I just don't know. Argh...I hate feeling inept, but health issues are NOT my forte.

I'm still torn about my involvement in the Bead Shop Hop, but I'm
committed now. If I survive the experience with one employee short, it
will be a Frackin' Miracle!

Finally, but far from least, Congratulations to all of the winners in this year's Tree and Flower fiction Awards (see the full list of all winners here.). I have to thank those who were kind enough to nominate and vote for my stories, I was amazed by such an outpouring of support. Due to your kindness and your votes, I won for the following stories (I have embedded links for each in case you're interested in reading any of them).  So...I thank everyone for the following story awards...

1st Place - Favorite Characterization of a Dwarf of Thorin's Company - Culture Clash 

1st Place (Tie) - Favorite Art, Photomanip - Rain Over Lake Evendim

2nd Place - Favorite Story Set During The Hobbit - The Precision of Tea

2nd Place - Favorite AU Story - The Last King

2nd Place - Favorite Characterization of Sam - The Journey to Rivendell

3rd Place - Favorite Vignette - Lessons of Birds

3rd Place - Favorite Story Set in the Silmarillion - Gems of Light

3rd Place - Favorite Story Set During LotR - A Candle For a Brother

3rd Place (Tie) - Favorite Characterization of Gimli - Burdens Shared

Honorable Mention (Tie) - Favorite Drabble or Drabble Series - Breaking the Mold

Honorable Mention (Tie) - Favorite Vignette - Survival of the Fittest

Happy Tuesday to everyone and Happy Birthday, Alikat7.

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