Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Intersecting Cyber Life and RL Friends

Today is my day off and my usual list of errands is lengthy. But I don't care about any of the things on my list because I am meeting an on-line friend for lunch. I am so happy!

Meeting friends can be so satisfying.

It's always something special to be able to meet a fellow writer, someone who shares the love of Tolkien fan-fiction with me, and someone whose stories I have read and enjoyed. Over the years I have met many on-line friends in real life and almost universally those meetings have been amazing, awesome, and fabulous. So when I extend invitations to those of you coming to Minnesota to get in touch with me, I mean it sincerely! I want to be able to meet you and spend some time with you.

Friends are the best thing ever!

Today Drummerwench is in town for a family event this weekend and she was kind enough to message me and find out if we could get together. So, at 11:00 am today, we'll be meeting for a nice lunch at a little bistro. Then she wants to see the shop, so I'll either drive her over there or she can follow me (since she managed to get a car for the day) and I'll show her that. I am bouncy at this wonderful opportunity to share some time with her. Silly? Maybe. Or maybe being as excited as a six-year-old when she's going to a special event is one of the ways that I keep telling this aging body that it is really young, it's just the brain that's old :-)

The most unlikely friends can be among the best!

So even though my list of things I have to do today won't get any smaller, I'm still going to happily set some time in my day aside for one special event that I'll remember for a long time to come. And even if I end up doing a load or two of laundry late tonight, it is SO worth it!

Friends shelter and support each other, no matter how different they are. 


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