Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Feel Like Dancing

I feel like dancing. I have an older body - overweight and prone to broken bones, my muscles are tired, and my mind is more prone to defy gravity than I am in real life. Nonetheless, I feel like dancing despite all of this.

I feel like dancing - well...why not? Joy can be expressed in so many
ways and dancing is one of them. 

It's fall, my favorite season, and the leaves are turning into shades of red, orange and gold that are combining to make my favorite color combinations.

May I have this dance?

I have my new printer installed and even though there are still quirks I need to work out, it seems like it will work very well for me and it's fast, fast, fast!

Ballet comes in many varieties, not just classical any more. I love
the strength of this dancer's feet, even though mine would be screaming
in pain if I tried anything like this. 

I had a fabulously fun time sharing lunch with drummerwench yesterday with great food and conversation that passed by all too soon.

Love this series of the body in motion. 

I got all of my errands completed and had a fabulous phone conversation with Aearwen. My fruit and vegetables got washed and prepped, my chicken breasts got baked, and even the laundry got done despite my altered Wednesday schedule. I admit that the last load didn't get out of the dryer until shortly after 8:00 p.m., but that's OK. It all got cleaned, so I'm happy.

Of course dance isn't solely a women's activity. I've always loved
watching the men - they can be stunning and amazing and they defy gravity. 

I got chocolate! Drummerwench was kind enough to gift me with two amazing San Francisco chocolates. There is "Pure Notes Dark Chocolate" by TCHO - very dark and rich, not overly sweet, very nice! Also, there is Recchiuti's "Dark Milk" Chocolate that I think has become my new favorite. It has just a touch of milk to give smoothness and is slightly sweeter than the TCHO. It's totally AMAZING!

Is life a leap of faith? 

So, all of these good things - yup, I'll be dancing through the falling leaves today!

Want to dance with me? Let's defy gravity and fly...

Care to join me?

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