Friday, September 27, 2013

Color - I Love Color

Color is everywhere in my life and my art. My store's foundation is a love of color - bead workers are not only focusing on the type of stitch or project, but what color(s) to use that will make their project unique and a perfect statement of their sense of style. So today I'm going to celebrate one of my favorite things with you - color!

The full spectrum of visible color is so beautiful as it progresses
from the warm to the cool colors. I adore color!

So join me on my walk through color...

What a wonderful building. Red barns are iconic in the U.S. Why
red? Because the red paint was less expensive than other colors. 

RED - hot, spicy, just to touch it can burn. Red is often the color of love and is thought of as intense.

The orange colors of sunset are breathtaking and stunning. How often
have you stopped what you were doing just to gaze at the western
skies when they looked like this?

ORANGE - Orange is friendly but approach with caution. Orange is happy and when hiding in green leaves, a promise of tasty fruit above. Many fruits are orange when ripe.

I really like this room. It makes me want to explore and have
a comfortable place to read in the overhead room. 

YELLOW - An intense heat - the promise of red brought to fruition is yellow. Be cautious with yellow, it can take over a scene so that all you notice is this one color.

The aurora borealis lights, also known as the Northern lights, usually
appear as bands of green light across the night sky. Magical!

GREEN - Relief from the hot colors above comes in the coolness of green. Green equals life to me - the leaves of plants and trees and the cool grasses.

The deep parts of ice often have a blue coloring. I love looking at the
various colors of large icebergs and Antarctic ice. So pretty. If I could
only be warm while viewing them...

BLUE - Blue is refreshing and cool, the color of deep waters and icebergs. Blue is also the color of sky so it is often associated with freedom and flight.

A poem in the US speaks of "Purple Mountain Majesties" and this
lovely picture in indigo tones shows this so beautifully. 

INDIGO - Indigo is the color often forgotten in the spectrum because it is overshadowed by the blue that preceeds it and the violet that follows it. But indigo gives us depth of shade and shadow and is reflected in the sky at certain times during the darkling hours when the indigo skies stop breath with their beauty.

I love this concert hall. I'm not sure where it is - I found the pic on
an architectural website as I was reviewing color in architecture, but
the colors and lights just make for a wonderful venue. 

VIOLET - The purple of violet is the red aspect of the purple spectrum where indigo is the blue aspect. It is a color dearly loved and very rare. The color of royalty, the dye was difficult to make and very time consuming, resulting in violet fabrics being reserved for the very rich or royal only. No wonder it is one of the most popular colors.

I really love the paint on this house. What a great
artistic statement!

So which is your favorite color? And while you are thinking about that, don't forget the far ends of the spectrum, white and black. Although white and black are considered neutrals, when working in graphic arts it is apparent how very important the values can be, and values are imparted by the absence or presence of white and black.

The visible spectrum is only a small part of light, but it's the most important
to us in our daily lives. Be safe today and stop at the red lights, go on the
green ones, and celebrate color.

Choose a color for your day...

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