Saturday, August 24, 2013

Writing and Pics - Mostly Pics

So I uploaded my SinS story last night, it took a lot longer because I wasn't used to the AO3 format even though I have used it as a sometimes archive for my own fic over the past few years. It's not a horrid interface, but there are lots of questions and decisions that need to be made. It also destroyed my formatting - my indents for sections of my work disappeared *sigh* and I don't know how to get them back within a limited HTML coding format. I also completely forgot to put in the name of my recipient and, when I looked for the original Email that had given the name to me, I couldn't find that either. But...

Tonight DH and I will come home from work, change clothes and grab a different handbag, and drive over to catch the Park-and-Ride bus to the Fair. We'll have dinner at the Fair, wander the tractors and maybe the snow blowers (we need one of those now that Beast is finally gone) and enjoy the night. It's been hot, so a light jacket or just a long-sleeved shirt may be all I'll need to be comfortable. I hope I remember to grab my camera...

Winter Is Coming...

And here are pictures for all of you. It's a Saturday, I'm a bit lazy, and photos are always lovely to look at. So as California and parts of the west are burning under forest fires and the Midwest is baking under a heatwave, I thought some cold pictures might be best.

I love this spot of color in the ice-clad branches. This little female is a bit of warmth.

Snow covered branches against a blue sky - the ideal view of winter. Up here,
more often, it is snow covered branches against a grey sky. Not quite as visual.

These snow covered pine needles almost look fluffy.

Have a totally fabulous weekend.

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