Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh This Heat...

We're all feeling the heat - we're limp, we're dripping, and getting to sleep is harder. But we're trying our best to soldier through. We did go to the State Fair on Saturday night after work to see Blue Oyster Cult. We started the night with footlong hot dogs (my 'always must have first' State Fair food). Then DH wanted to find the craft beer battered onion rings. Finding those, we tried them and I tried a Surly Girl Furious craft beer. Unfortunately, neither of these made our "best" list. The onion rings were OK, but not great and I found a very unpleasant aftertaste with the beer. Ick.

The white dot is where we are. Solidly in the middle of the heat. It's
5:00 am and we're at 81 F with 71% humidity. I feel like a wet blanket.

From there we tried the new Bar-B-Que taco in the Food Building which was really excellent. Then I had a Guinness at O'Gara's (had to get rid of that craft beer's aftertaste) and we went to the concert park. After standing for an hour or so (half an hour of waiting and half an hour of music) the people sitting in the bench in front of us left, giving us their seats. So we were comfortable for the bigger hits - Godzilla and The Reaper. After the concert, which we enjoyed a lot, we wandered down to have an ear of roasted corn and then waited until Sammy Hagar was through singing in the Grandstand for the fireworks to start. So fun and worth the wait. By 11:15 pm we were on the bus heading home.

Fireworks - I just love them. I can see why the Hobbits are so taken
with Gandalf's fireworks magic. The bursts of light against a
dark sky are just fabulous.

On Sunday the thermometer hit 96 degrees and we were over at my father-by-marriage's home cleaning out the basement. We made three trips back and forth, carried heavy things up the basement stairs and generally worked way too hard for the temperature. I set up a sprinkler for the back yard and then we pulled the hose to soak the various trees. I had to bucket-feet the boulevard trees - two buckets each. The greenery is feeling this heat too and the trees are looking stressed. Poor things.

If our heat continues I'll have to try to get back out there mid-week and water again.

The average day's attendance at the State Fair is in the tens of thousands. So who would think you'd run into people you know out there - but it happens all the time. While we were at O'Gara's and I was getting my Guinness, we ran into my nephew David and his lovely lady. They were on their way to see the Sammy Hagar concert. Then, later that night while waiting for the fireworks to start we ran into my youngest niece, Annie and her husband Joe who, as it turned out, had also been at the Blue Oyster Cult concert.

"Meeting Friends" by Sera Knight

All in all, it was a very busy, hot, but also fun-filled weekend. My friend Sharon arrives on Thursday and we'll be at the Fair again on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a stop off at the Renaissance Fest on Monday. I'll be reminding people, because I won't be posting while she's visiting :-)

Sharon will arrive on Thursday afternoon. I can't wait!

I hope your temps are cooler than mine, today. Have a great start to your week!

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