Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Countdown and Still Hot *sigh*

Sharon arrives on Thursday night. Can you see me already bouncing up and down with excitement? Although why she would voluntarily come from cooler (if stormier) Colorado to the heat and humidity of Minnesota is quite beyond me, I am forever grateful. Usually by now I would be into my final cleaning stage - dusting, vacuuming, making sure that the batteries in the air mattress are still operational, etc. This year, with all of our time being spent at my father-by-marriage's home, well...I have boxes of stuff all over my living room and den, I haven't picked up a vacuum yet, and dust...hah! Dusting will happen, but it will be cursory.

Oooooh. I should be dusting the blinds. NOT! Aside from
the fact that I have no blinds, that's a little over the top, even
for me.

What have I been able to do? Well, I've purchased new towels for her bathroom - they're so pretty. I had purchased a new carpet for the room earlier in the summer, now I've got bright and happy towels added to it and they've been washed and are ready to go. Also, a new toothbrush holder and tumbler round out the bathroom upgrade. I've been able to keep up with my writing deadlines, operate the store even though I would rather be home cleaning, and at least I have kept up with the shower and the main bathroom so that things might not be pristine, but they are not out of control. But usually I'm better than this. *growl*

I love colorful towels. It is a relatively inexpensive way to jazz up a room.

DH will meet with the accountant this afternoon and get going on the 2012 and the final 2013 tax returns for his Dad. He'll also be continuing to work at his Dad's house. Our photographer will start working on Tuesday the 3rd to photograph things for the auction, and as of that date, anything in the house must stay there and is subject to sale. No exceptions. I think we're pretty much through getting the things DH needed as well as his childhood possessions home. Many of the things he has been taking are things that either cannot be resold or that have no monetary value. After the auction is complete, we'll do a final clean, get a few things patched or fixed up, and then contact our Realtors to get the house on the market. The sooner the better - we're butting up against winter storms now and we want the house sold before the snows fall.

So, I need a few days of relaxing with my oldest dear friend at the State Fair and the Renaissance Festival. Yes, Thursday, even if my house is still messy, just can't come soon enough. I'll have a chance to do my final clean on Wednesday, and hopefully I won't be totally ashamed of my poor house when her plane touches down Thursday night.

I think what really pulled me to this cartoon was the crossbow on the bed!

Happy Tuesday - may all your dreams come true today!

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