Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Harvest Time - Crops and Crop Circles

It's harvest time. Yes, the real crunch time comes a bit later in the year, but the State Fair is always time to show off the best of the harvest. There, at the Fairgrounds, displays of corn, beans, tomatoes, even honey bee hives and Christmas trees are judged and ribbons are bestowed. The State Fair is not only the end of the summer, it is the beginning of the fall. Since I'm pushing time today and need to start cleaning my house on my last day off before Sharon's visit, I'm putting up pictures of crops and crop circles. Why crop circles? Because whether they are made by alien technology or subterfuge, they are beautiful. So enjoy...

Large combines pulling through fields will soon be the norm throughout
the plains area of the US. It's a pretty amazing sight.

Harvesting machinery wasn't always as advanced as the large machines
in the first picture. Things started smaller, took longer, were more dangerous,
and took serious toll on the physical health of the farmers. But the satisfaction
of bringing in a good harvest, looking over golden fields, and having
the weather cooperate for a change makes it all worthwhile. 

Love this picture called "Harvesting Rainbows" taken in Alberta, Canada. 

Love this wallpaper called "Changing Seasons". The sorghum crop ready to
harvest in the forefront, the antique clapboard farmhouse in the rear.

I fully admit that I love crop circles. This one's proportions make it elegance in motion. 

This beauty from Windmill Hill has such a balanced structure - like a set
of exquisite pearls for the earth.

I love the triple balance of the circles in this and how they imply movement.
I could see this done in metal with gemstones - so beautiful. 

This stunning circle was in Wiltshire in 2004. I really love the detail of
this one, the opposing wings, the Greek keys around the outside, the balance.

So, as you progress through your day today and I clean, clean, clean, shop and clean some more, I hope the beauty and balance of today's pictures help to make your day totally spectacular.

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