Friday, August 23, 2013

Erasing and a Heat Wave is Coming

Don't you sometimes wish that life handed you an eraser? That you could look back over incidents that happened, take your magic eraser in hand, and do a touch-up that would eliminate the horror of the skirt caught in pantyhose, toilet paper caught on shoes, or even choosing the wrong person to go home with after a party? We have all had incidents in our lives that we would put into the trash bin to have a do-over. I bet in many instances we'd even accept a penalty stroke. So...why am I concentrating on erasing today?

Abandoned buildings are a way of erasing the past.

Actually, for a rather mundane reason. I purchased some of the Mister Clean Magic Erasers a few weeks ago and just started using them to get the bathrooms and kitchen clean before Sharon's visit. They are rather odd things, but really effective. I tried using them on the top of the range-hood, however, and that mild layer of airborne kitchen grease that had managed to deposit itself on top of the range hood actually disintegrated the magic eraser. But what really amused me was that it disintegrated just the same way that a pencil eraser leaves little squiggly ropes of synthetic rubber behind. My Mister Clean Magic Eraser turned into small twisted ropes of an unknown material. It actually was pretty neat!

This is the kind of Mister Clean Magic Eraser that
I purchased. I'm pretty impressed. It's doing a great job
on my shower and sinks.

Starting on Sunday we're pulling into the 90's (32 C and up) each day with low 70's (21 C or so) for the overnights. It's going to be a brutal State Fair this year. I have a portable mister and I'll probably bring it along. A hat will be mandatory, but I may switch to a straw hat instead of my normal Aussie hat because it will be lighter weight but still keep me from the sun. The sun, although I adore it, is my enemy and I am extremely sun sensitive. Even though it will be hot enough to cook eggs on the sidewalk, I still will have to wear a long-sleeved shirt and long skirt. No jeans this time, though - jeans are way too hot!

I'm sure each animal owner will have fans set up to try and keep them
cool and comfortable while they are in the barns. The barns have high
ceilings which helps, but it's not like being back home when the horses
could be released into the pasture. At the Fair they are on display for a week
of hot, indoor temperatures without breezes and with lots of noise and visitors.
Can you spell "cranky"?

I notice that the Luminarium is back at the State Fair this year and Sharon and I will most definitely be going back to this. They have a different one this year - this one has a center room that is three stories tall with faux stained glass windows. I loved going through the Luminarium last year and am already looking forward to the relaxing process of going through this one. I'm also going to get a new pair of orthotics from my vendors in the Grandstand. I didn't buy any last year - didn't need them. But I do need some now because my feet have changed.

The Luminarium is made by a company called Architects of Air, a U.K. company.
To find out more about them, click on the LINK

So even though Sharon and I will be baking in a week, it's the Fair and all is good. Now I need to think about whether I want to get a backpack or just carry a handbag. If I get a backpack, I noticed some really fun "Helly Kitty" ones at Target earlier in the week for less than $20. Hmmm....possibilities abound!

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