Thursday, August 22, 2013

Breathing While Drowning - Accomplishments and Failures

My SinS is complete! And it leads to the failures listed below, but in itself it is an accomplishment. I had so many problems getting this together and yesterday, a day that I was supposed to spend cleaning for Sharon's visit next week, I spent most of my time finishing the writing and then going through with a serious review and edit before sending it off to my wonderful, fantastic and completely amazing beta. She copy edited it last night and it was back in my in-basket this morning. I'll take one more look tonight, then slap on the header and send it on its merry way. Finally! SinS is complete. It didn't meet every criteria my recipient wanted, but it meets most of them and more importantly - I'm very happy with it. Whew!

I'm celebrating! Writing my SinS was a chore, but I'm so happy with
how the story turned out.

I received my element(s) for the LOTR Community September assignment and, through some strange act of an unknown deity, received two elements. They actually work together, so I sent another email and said I could do both of them if they wanted, but otherwise they would have to decide which of the two I should use. Hopefully I'll have an answer by the end of today so that I can get started on this one.

I indulged a little bit and dropped by Bwana Archery and talked to them about my bows. I'll bring them in and they'll take a look at them, but they said that unless they see something obvious, the wooden bows might last for one shot, or ten, or 100, or break when being strung. Apparently there is no way to tell off-hand how well a bow has survived the years just hanging on the wall. A new bowstring will run me between $12-$15, so that's affordable. I'll bring them in after Labor Day.

Is the outfit necessary to string my bow? I hope not.

The Minnesota State Fair opens today and will go for the next ten days. We have the largest attendance of all state fairs (both daily and average attendance) The Texas State Fair has larger attendance, but also goes on for a longer time period. The first State Fair was in 1859. It wasn't held for five years between then and now - a pretty good record. It was cancelled for two years during the Civil War, a scheduling conflict with a similar event in Chicago in 1893 also prompted the Fair's cancellation. World War II caused it's cancellation in 1945 and a polio outbreak caused the cancellation in 1946. It occurs on a permanent site of 320 acres. Although it started out as an agricultural showcase it has expanded to include the interests of a varied state population. I have blue ribbons on my wall from beadwork I've submitted in the past.

Love this night shot from the Space Tower. 

Famous events for the Fair include a very famous speech by Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt in 1901 when he said the infamous words "Walk softly and carry a big stick". He would become President 12 days later when McKinley was assassinated. The amazing horse Dan Patch matched his 1:55 pacing mile record at the 1906 Minnesota State Fair. He appeared at the Fair several times over the years and one of the main Fairground streets is named Dan Patch.

Dan Patch, Champion Harness Horse of the World

Chickie is going to the Fair today so my manager will work for her. I hope to be there Saturday night and, of course, Sharon and I will be there for three days next week. The State Fair - it marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, and I look forward to it every year.

Now to get my house clean *sigh*.  Oh...and check out Google today - a lovely animated frontspiece set to Clair de lune celebrating the 151st birthday of Claude Debussy.

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