Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Housecleaning Tornado and Pics

My friend Sharon arrives next week for her annual vacation and that always pushes me into Extreme Cleaning Mode! That has become even more important this year because of the extra things that we have had to bring back from the house of my deceased father-by-marriage. My DH, who had been raised in that house, now has had to bring over the last of his possessions instead of conveniently leaving them in his old bedroom. Thus...even more STUFF to clutter up my home *sigh*. At least yesterday he did work on getting our den cleaned. He had still had it in total disarray after going through slides for his father's funeral presentation. That has all been put away now and I am just left with boxes of sharp, pointy things (swords and knives - gotta love them) and things that I need to continue working on - glassware, miscellaneous junk, etc. I'm out of space for all of these items, but I'll figure something out.

Lenticular clouds are among my favorite and these are just spectacular. They
remind me of cinnamon rolls in the sky.

I also have to do some computer housecleaning. My music has finally outpaced the memory on my iPod so I need to start making some playlists instead of just downloading all of the albums. But I hate the new version of iTunes (version 11) and have been reading hints from others who are equally frustrated about how to either reorganize the way that Apple wants me to see my music or reinstall the earlier version that really suited me better. I have always had an issue with any company trying to think for me. I tend to think differently than others, so dumbing things down doesn't really work well with my non-linear thinking. That's one really good reason why the only Apple products I own are their iPod music players.

Lenticular clouds tend to form over mountains like the caps of mushrooms.
This lovely one makes an umbrella over the mountain peak. Love it!

I think I'll treat myself to a visit to Bwana Archery today if I can squeeze it in. They aren't too far from me and I want to talk to them about new bowstrings, arrange a time when I can bring the wooden bows I've inherited to them to be tested out and get new strings, and generally start getting a better feel for playing with bows and arrows. I'm still so pleased that I inherited five bows. Yup...really happy.

This tornado is a monster coming from a lenticular cloud base. Time to head
for shelter. Grab the kids and the animals and hit the tornado cellar.
We're off to see the wizard...

So, just because I'll be a housecleaning tornado today (and laundry tornado, grocery shopping tornado and de-cluttering tornado) I thought I'd give you weather and cloud pictures today. Enjoy your Wednesday!

Here's another lovely shot of a wall cloud with possible tornado to come. It probably
is a tornado on the side there, but I'm thinking that's actually the rain and thunderstorm
part of the storm. This could lead to a tornado, though. 

Oh...and the Beast is totally gone and my driveway actually exists! It's not a figment of my imagination. Call me thrilled! AND, I got a lot written on my SinS yesterday and I'll put at least another 2 hours in today - I'm seeing a pinhole of light from the end of the tunnel. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

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