Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Writing, Music and Play Time - Some Thoughts

I informed DH that last night I was going to put on my headphones, click on some music (my current fave is The Greatest Video Game Music played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra), and write. No TV, no conversation, basically I wanted to pull into my cave and get some work done. Now, I know I can't write my SinS effectively while DH is around and wandering, but I did settle down and begin the editing and revision process for it which also needed to be done. Just doing the editing clarified some things in the plot progression for me.

I love how I can lose myself in music and a plot...

Today is crunch day for me - I'll work at the coffeeshop for an extended time this morning, then spend as much time as necessary at the shop to get this puppy DONE! I don't want to be late at all - even with the few extra days that Red was kind enough to grant me because of my inability to do anything at all after the death of my father-by-marriage. FOCUS....FOCUS!!!!

Oh, those old model typewriters. I rely on a keyboard to write - I've never been
a competent or comfortable handwriting composer. These really old machines
were loud, heavy and clunky, but they did the job. I'd rather use one of these than
have to hand-write any of my stories.

I also got my latest drabble completed and posted last night. Things seem to be progressing in a linear fashion with this group of prompts and I'm delighted to indulge my muse and play. There is something so satisfying about writing a drabble for me - crafting a story that uses exactly 100 words provides the opportunity and requirement to choose my words very carefully. In a drabble you're not writing a tale, just a slice of time, but within that slice the reader needs to understand the character(s), their activities and their motivations. Additionally, all of this must fit within a specific prompted theme. I love writing them.

Crafting takes many forms. Although I craft with metal, glass and in words, I have
also done fiber arts and still love them. Superior crafting is always magnificent
to watch. This is a woman from Itagua, Paraguay, creating a piece of Nanduti.
According to the picture's caption, "Nanduti is a traditional form using 72 symbols
that hold strong cultural significance in Paraguay's daily life." It's a type of
embroidered lace. 

The seasonal clock is ticking down. The State Fair will open on Thursday (Chickie will be attending on opening day) and that signals the end of summer to those of us living in this area. My BFF Sharon will be flying in next week to spend the Labor Day holiday weekend with us going to the Fair for several days and then one day at Renaissance Festival before she flies back to Denver to recover and renew her daily tasks. It's always a joy to see her so I'm totally excited, but I still have some serious housecleaning to do.

Sharon often flies in on Frontier Airlines. Each Frontier plane features a different
animal on their tail. The animal is named and featured in seatback information packs and publicity
for their particular flight. I love this unique feature - their planes are pretty darned nice too. 

Ideally, when I drive into my driveway tonight, I'll no longer have a "Beast" occupying part of it. The Disabled American Veterans are scheduled to come by this afternoon, collect the title and keys, and tow that hunk of metal away. This will make me insanely joyous - to have an open driveway again! And DH has promised that we can take a look at snow blowers when we attend the State Fair, so I'm happy about that too. I hope to go to the Fair for dinner and a concert on Saturday, and then we'll all be there on and off next week Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The tickets and coupon books have been purchased - now to get my cash in hand and go play!

Blue Oyster Cult will be playing at the Leine Bandstand on Saturday night
for a free concert. I want to be there, but it's not a requirement, just a desire.
I'll have to see how things play out, but I  want to go to the Fair on Saturday.
Yippee for Park-N-Ride...

But first...to finish this SinS story....

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