Thursday, August 1, 2013

It Took All Day But It's CLEAN!

It took all day...but my computer desk is clean again! It wasn't easy and it was a lot of paper to go through one sheet at a time, ripping it up for trash or piling it to shred, and finally lots of dusting again and again and again. But damn - it looks good and I can work at it again. There are still some things on it - it's not unoccupied by any stretch, but it's a serious difference. I'm almost deliriously happy.

It may not look clean to you, but it's pretty amazing to me. The beading pads in
the front are uncluttered and ready for work. My tools are organized on the left, my materials
on the right, it's phenomenal and a serious change from how it looked yesterday morning.

Same sex marriage became legal at midnight and the weddings started then and are still going on in City Hall in Minneapolis and Como Park Conservatory in St Paul. I'm ignoring the commentary of my DH whose attitudes about gay marriage don't mirror mine at all. I'll try to be a gracious winner, instead, and celebrate the general happiness. Joy and a lifetime of love to each and every one of the newly-legal couples who are starting a new phase of their lives.

I spent an hour on the phone with my computer guru yesterday examining the ins and outs of Win 7 - the operating system that I have on my new computer. It's quite a jump from XP to Win 7 and I had questions about how documents were stored, moving and copying, and some other procedures. It was a fun and educational talk and well worth his hourly rate.

Writing hasn't changed, only the tools have evolved.

I followed that up an hour later by my weekly phone call with Aearwen - such fun. We're both working on original fiction pieces as well as having a full slate of other projects going on and I always feel better after talking with her. I had her on speaker phone this time as I continued working down the piles of paper I was examining and culling. It was a doubly-productive hour and it was hard for us to say good-bye because we kept coming up with another topic of X or Y or Z. But there's always next week's talk. I'm already looking forward to it.

Summer magic is beginning to wind down. Don't forget to enjoy the season
while you still can. And for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere,
enjoy your winter days as you move toward your spring.

August beginss today, the summer/winter has started waning. It's flying by so quickly it's really quite frightening. DH has another appointment with the lawyer this morning to sign some documents regarding his father's estate and his appointment as executor. We really need the death certificates as well as some of the forms from a variety of locations so that we can process the next stage needed in handling the legal aftermath of his father's death. As for summer - I'll try to enjoy every day because I am approaching autumn - my favorite time of the year. Happy Thursday, everyone - enjoy your day!

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Pam said...

Sandi, Windows 7 is so much better than Vista! I didn't want to change either, but am glad I did. Never had a single problem with it. I do understand, though, that Windows 8 is to be avoided at all costs! LOL
Remember, I live with my computer guy!