Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One More Thing on a Long List

My surge protector has shut down my computer twice in twenty-four hours *sigh*. This is NOT making me happy and I'll be out buying a new one today because I can't do without this. I know my power is not the greatest and I depend on my surge protector, but it was already acting up and I think a replacement is in order by now. I have a phone conference scheduled with my computer guru for this afternoon to run through some questions I have on how he set the computer up. If I can't power up the computer, it will be rather fruitless, right? Just as well that I held off on buying the printer. My funds will only stretch so far...

I need a new one of these. It's less expensive to buy a new
power backup unit than a new computer. I can't afford to have issues
with power and my outlets are not very good in the first place.

I picked up a book from the library yesterday that might just work to push me through a writer's block for a story I have due in the next three weeks. I've been wrangling with the plot and characters for several weeks without success. My writing was leaving the characters flat and the scenes unexciting. In fact the entire plotline left me cold and totally uninspired. Late last week after wracking my brain for a twist that would make things exciting I came up with a possibility, narrowed it down and ordered a copy of supplementary material that I needed. That's now in my hands so I'll review it over breakfast and during the day with copious use of post-it flags. I have hope that this will do the trick.

I don't allow food near my computer, but the piles of paper aren't very
unusual in my computer room. I have to go through them now - no choice!

Of course, having the APC break down twice in 24 hours required me to access the item. It sits behind the monitor on my desk and was hidden by a large pile of papers and projects in process. (Rather embarrassing how old some of these items were.) With the second power issue this morning, I actually pulled all of the papers off and put them onto a temporary table. I have added reviewing and trashing out of date papers to my list of things to do today. At least I'll have a cleaner desk after I'm done, but the cleaning process itself will suck.

I haven't had a chance to check the box yet, but it's possible that it has a piece
of equipment similar to this one that is used to fletch the shafts of arrows.
So fun! I can't wait to take a closer look.

Among the things DH found at his father's house when cleaning yesterday was a box containing clips and braces for use in fletching arrows. I was SO excited when he told me. He said there weren't any instructions, but I'm sure I can track something down on-line or through one of the local archery ranges. This is turning into something that will be so much fun!

Baby steps, but we'll celebrate tonight because this victory was
hard fought and will bring joy and happiness to so many deserving couples.

At midnight tonight, the first seconds of August 1st, gay marriage will finally be legal in the state of Minnesota and the first marriages will begin to be performed in a variety of venues. I'm so excited for these people whose dreams will be coming true tonight. One battle has been fought and victory has been achieved. But there are still 37 states in the United States where gay marriage is illegal and same-sex loving relationships are illegal and often are prosecuted. As joyful as this day's achievements are, I can't lose sight of the fact that the battle must continue until we join the many nations of the world who admit that gay rights are civil rights and that love is not gender-blind.

I know that chocolate is your favorite, so this seemed to combine many
types in a total overdose offering. Happy Birthday, Sharon!

Happy belated birthday to my BFF Sharon! As usual I missed your birthday (mea culpa) but I have been thinking really good thoughts and wishes for you and I'll see you in a month or so. We'll celebrate at O'Gara's in style and eat lots of new food at the Fair. Happy, happy and eat some birthday cake on my behalf.

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