Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to the Library & Summer Is Disappearing Fast

Between all of the other stuff going on in my life, my writing has been stagnating. I am writing drabbles (100 word snippets based on a prompt) weekly, in fact I'll be posting my latest in the "Communications" series this morning, but I am getting nowhere with the larger piece that I have assigned and that is due closer to the end of August. Although the piece doesn't have to be long, it needs to be correct. It's a piece being written for someone I've never met and has to fit her criteria to be acceptable.

I've been going back and forth on this. I've written bits and pieces, revised and revised again, and pounded my hands onto the tables in frustration. Although I know the characters and the time frame well, I just wan't feeling that spark and it just wasn't singing to me. I needed a twist.

Last last week I figured out an unusual framework within which I can place this piece. To do it correctly required some research and a book from the library, so I quickly went online and put a copy on hold. I just got the Email this morning - my book has arrived. I'll pick it up tonight on my way home and see if it will work the way I hope it will. If so, it will be quite the twist, but it will pull the characters and story together and has the potential to be an excellent focus, although outside the expected norm.

Time is running away...

At least I have 100's of other things keeping me occupied. After all - July ends in two days. That will leave one month remaining for summer with a TON of work still to do during these warm months. I currently have a trim saw sitting on my living room carpet (thank goodness out of the way of walking pathways, but still - It's In The Living Room). I have my wet enamels in their containers sitting on the bureau in Sharon's room - those need to be moved to the new drawers I bought for them which I will set up back down in my enamel area opposite the laundry duo. I have a clothes washer that is trying its best to die and a dryer that really should be re-vented. My house needs cleaning and the back porch acquired things when we brought things back from my father-by-marriage's house instead of managing to get cleared off so that we can revise its usage next year. It needs to be cleared out while the weather is warm. *sigh* There is too much do to and too few summer days in which to do it.

The entryway to the Festival grounds. Oy! I'm so NOT ready this year!

Ack - Renaissance Faire starts the weekend of the 17th of August! I'm SO screwed!

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