Friday, August 9, 2013

Beauty Can't Be Hidden - Influencing Others

So I had a chance to meet up with kymahalei yesterday morning. She, her husband and their daughter were in Minnesota checking out colleges where Anna might transfer to. If she does (and if her transfer application is accepted) then she'll be attending her Mom's alma mater up here in St Paul, and her mom, the lovely Ky, will be traveling up here again and more often. That would make me very happy because we had a simply lovely time getting to know one another in person after years of typing messages and emails back and forth.

Ky is a truly beautiful person - she glows. The warmth is shared in different ways by her other family members. Her husband has a warm aura as does her daughter. But Ky simply glows.

People like Ky can brighten the lives of those around them without even making a serious effort. But when they do make an effort, the effects can be almost blinding. These are people who can change the lives of others. It was a real pleasure to meet someone who has that effect upon others.

Have you even known someone who changes a room just by being in it? I have met many people who have a buffer around them that will effect others, some in good ways and others in bad. I have heard it said that a person's mood will affect others around them and I have seen that in action, but I think of it more like a large bubble or wave. This bubble surrounds each one of us and when it intersects with those of others, it changes the other person. Bubbles can be soothing or filled with anger, inspiring or dampening, interested or indifferent.

So I ask you to think today. What kind of aura or bubble or wave are you projecting today? Are you a welcoming, white/yellow like Ky was yesterday? How about the warm topaz of her husband which showed interest and sincerity in others but a bit less emotional involvement? Maybe you're a warm blue calming influence. How about projecting the green that encourages growth? Try to stay away from the anger of dark, intense red or orange because, although it can feed action and spur decision, it can be difficult for others to understand and react to with calmness. But wherever you go and whoever you interact with remember that you will influence their day for the positive or the negative. Try to leave only positive experiences behind you as you walk through your life today.

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