Saturday, August 10, 2013

With A Little Help From My Friends

I did a photo post a few days ago - fountains and interesting buildings - and the single building that evoked the most commentary was the large stone building with the dragon's head. I had no idea where the building was located, but my ex-fiance came through on that - it's in southern Colorado. I have a lovely link for all of you where there are many interior and exterior photos. I guess this is one more reason for me to try and get back to Colorado for a trip. I need to do on-site research for my novel next year, visit my cousin who just moved back there from California, and now I need to drive south and visit a castle. Great! Now to just find the time...that's going to be the harder thing.

Here's a lovely side view. The dragon head actually breathes fire once a day. The
building is available for weddings, etc., although no alcohol is allowed and
any rooms used must still be open to the general public. It is all built by one man.
Here's a link to the owner's website and information about the Castle. 

I'll be speaking to another estate sale agent today about my father-by-marriage's possessions. He tried to phone me yesterday, but we were absolutely swamped at the store (I'm very grateful - it was nice to be super busy for a change) and I asked him to phone me today instead. I don't know if he will be able to do any more than the other agent who went through the place a week or so ago, but I wouldn't mind a second opinion.

My in-laws were solid middle class - no antiques, no great artwork, no
jewelry worth anything, but there is a pool table, a Victrola, some general
stuff and low-end collectibles. I doubt it's worth much, but I'd like a
second opinion because it would be a lot easier to have someone else
take care of all of this for us. 

In the early 2000's we bought a used Chevy Blazer for cheap - really cheap. It had a rebuilt engine and a good sturdy body. The guy who sold it to us was a friend of our youngest nephew. They had met while in automotive repair class together and formed a friendship that still is strong today. He is interested in getting "Beast" back and we are happy to transfer the title to him if he can get it out of our driveway. So, he's planning on coming by on Sunday with a new battery to drive it to his home, we'll give him the keys and the signed title, and it will once again be his baby. He said that he thought rebuilding the truck would be a great project for his seven-year-old son to share with him. I will just be happy to have a driveway again - I guess I'm easily pleased - LOL.

It's Saturday so most of you are enjoying the first day of your weekend. Deadlines are looming - SinS stories are due within the next two weeks or so and I'm sure there are other projects breathing down each of your necks. But take a small amount of time this weekend to thank the Powers for a totally fabulous world to live in and tell those closest to you how much you love them. It's worth taking the time for something positive.

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