Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pretty Pictures - Just Because We All Need Some Today

I hope to meet an LJ friend at a local coffeeshop, meeting her for the first time later this morning. I'm super excited! Between A and B and C stresses lately, and the (remote) possibility that I won last night's Powerball drawing, I just need to look at pretty things. I think we can all use a break from my angst of the past two weeks, so here we go...

Starting with some fountains - this centered ring is stunning.

I've shown this one before, but it's one of my favorites. This floating
tap is at Aqualand, although there are others throughout the world. 

Moving on to unusual buildings, I just love this basket building. I think
I'd love to work there.

This is one building where the apartments move around a central stable core.
I don't know the exact location of the building, but it's pretty darned wonderful.

How could I resist this building once I saw the dragons
sticking out from the upper central beam? Easy answer ... I
couldn't. So I had to share. 

Of course the Library must be added to this list. And notice that Lord of the Rings
is front and center? Booya!

And two more fountains to finish us out today...

Love these floating cubes. They use the same basic construction idea
as the floating faucet, but give a really different effect. 

I wanted to end with something really beautiful. The mushroom-style
fountain is a classic, but the sky and coloring make it extraordinary. I
have no idea if this is dawn or dusk (although I lean toward dusk), but it
is a stunning picture.

I hope your Thursday is marvelous and filled with color and wonder.

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