Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Studio Day - Time is Running Out

Looking at the calendar, what once seemed so far out is now breathing at the back of my neck. Holiday gifts are running close to time, and I really need to concentrate on getting as much as possible done on those today. So, I'll be working on Chickie's gift and Sharon's gift today. But I only get to start work on their gifts after a very long list of errands to accomplish, including a physical at my local clinic. Ick.
I generally don't mind doctors and clinics. But they can cut a chunk of time from my schedule. My December is peppered with doctor appointments over the next two weeks , but it has to be done. I have tests and dental appts and my annual check-up, and my annual is running out of days :-) So, just like time for studio time is running away, so is the year!
I put an order in for some of the Art Clay Copper yesterday and I am looking forward to receiving it before next week. If I get a lot finished today, I might be able to allow myself to play with the new clay next week. That's the goal, at any rate :-) So, I have to get moving - time to gather the trash, hop into the car, and get those errands checked off my post-it note!

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