Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Purchases and Credit Cards

I'm trying to be really good about not purchasing very much for the holiday season. But I want to get this wool for my DH's cloak, and there are the books that he wants, and then I bought components for my BFF Sharon's gift yesterday (fortunately, not everything I bought will be used just for her, but as I start making it tomorrow, I have to wonder if I will make something that she will really like). But I am trying to watch it since I have an outstanding balance of $250 or so on my credit card that I need to pay off.
I finally received my new card yesterday, so I'm back in business once again. Now I need to phone my Chiropractor's office and give them the new number so that they can finished out November and get my November treatments billed properly. I'm also trying to remember if there are any other automatic payment-type things out there that use this card....but I don't think so. I will have to update records as I get contacted about incorrect cards, but that's very do-able. It's nice to have my card again - I was rather astounded by how much I missed not being able to put things onto my personal card. Yippee!!!! On-line shopping, here I come :-)

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