Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday - Time's A Wastin'

Today is what is called "Cyber Monday". That is usually the day when web-ordering for holiday gifts becomes very high, although it is speculated that the true "cyber Monday" will actually be in two weeks. Since I still don't have my new credit card, I won't be shopping today. But I know what I will be ordering when I do. I'll get some extraordinary wool for a short-cape for my DH's Renaissance outfit. He asked for one, showed me the color he wanted, and it took me more than two months of searching to find the appropriate fabric for it. And I'll get him some art books from a favorite on-line seller of specialty books. But I'm making things for most of my friends. I'm doing that both because I prefer to give something personal, but also because of the economics involved. I just don't have a lot of money to spare because I do want to attend the PMC Conference in 2010, and possibly some of Bead & Button Show. So I need to save whatever monies I can to fund those trips.
Holiday frenzy is bound to hit everyone though. I still need to purchase my holiday cards and get those sent out. I really enjoy sending out cards and I love getting them - especially the ones with newsletters included. I know that people are very divided on newsletters - some people despise them, others love them. Since I hear from some of our friends only once a year, getting a newsletter really helps bring things more up to date. So, as we get ready to enter December tomorrow, I wish all of you a creative day of gift choices. May your solder only flow where you want it to and may your beading thread not tangle today.

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