Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday and Super Saturday

I have a love/hate relationship with shopping. I really don't enjoy shopping very much. But I don't mind shopping on-line - I just don't really like dealing with the crowds, the wasted time, and the sensory stimulus that shopping at the mall throws at me. So I avoided Black Friday and just started catching up with my Emails and fanfic websites.
I need to get a few things purchased for the holidays. I'm making most of the things that I am sending to my BFF Sharon and my friend Chickie, and if I have time and the ability to whip something out quickly, I may send a little something to my friend Poo and my "sister" Maja, but those two are not "essential". My DH is essential, and he is the only person that I actually will need to do a bit of shopping for.
I think I've pretty well nailed what I will get him for the holidays, though. I'll get some gift cards, and after an extensive search, I think I finally found the perfect woolen fabric for his short cloak that he asked for. Since he doesn't want it lined, it will go together quickly. He wanted it embroidered, but for that he'll have to wait - I'm still working on my own cloak for the embroidery part and that needs to be finished first. But after I get my replacement credit card in the mail next week, I can get the wool ordered from Canada and start working on his cape. I'm pleased that I found the fabric - I've been looking for more than two months for the perfect weave.

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