Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Sated and Black Friday

I haven't posted for the past two days. Wednesday, because I just ran overtime and simply didn't have the time to post, and Thursday because it was Thanksgiving. And I was absolutely thankful. I had an opportunity to truly sleep in. Since I've been fighting a small cold, I actually slept until 10:30am. Very unusual for me so I guess I really needed the sleep. After waking and taking my morning shower, I settled at the computer and did as I had promised - I devoted the day to playing Lord of the Rings Online with my DH with an hour out for our turkey dinner. We had a great time and I managed to get up a level of XP and enter the Mines of Moria.
Dinner was outstanding. To make things really easy on ourselves, we decided to forgo the full turkey carcass until New Year's Eve. So we had a turkey roll (dark and white meat), mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn and lots of gravy and cranberry sauce (with berries, not that jelled stuff). For dessert, a couple of hours later, we had slices of pumpkin pie. Everything was SO good. DH actually managed to finish all of his food, I have leftovers from mine for dinner tonight.
I hope that all of you who may read this had the opportunity to spend Thursday with your own loved ones. Whether or not you are in the US and celebrating Thanksgiving, families are one of the true blessings in our lives and deserve to be celebrated and cherished. So before you return to your day jobs and your creative after-lives, hug a loved one today. (And safely!)

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