Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Time and Courage

I'm lazing about here (yeah - right....lazing - LOL). OK, starting again - I'm sitting here in front of my computer screen at 5:30 am with 1-1/2 hours left until I need to leave for the shop. Ideally I will get to the shop, turn on my laptop, do some more work on that equipment, go to the post office and the bank, return to the laptop and finish up the work, and open the shop close to 10:00 am. But the schedule above doesn't seem to leave any time for working on my silver bench, and I want to continue working on the background settings for my Two Trees enamel pieces. I really wanted to have them already set by tomorrow so that I could drop by Ho's and show him my latest project. But I won't have them ready and I refuse to rush them and do a job that I'm not happy with. So when I do finish, I'll just take a special trip out to Minneapolis to show him the final item. It'll be OK, and I'll be happier with the result and under a bit less pressure.
Yesterday I got a "wonderful" phone call from one of my major vendors. It appears that their bank lost several checks that had been received, but had never been deposited into their account. One of our checks for several thousand dollars was one of the missing, but they needed to know from us whether or not it had ever been cashed. And the kicker...the check was from April! April! Nothing like being current :-) In the old days I would have been able to answer them quickly. But I found out that my financial dude hasn't balanced the books since March. So the last two hours of yesterday were spent with him at his desk, balancing each statement. He still has one month to go this morning, but it's looking as though the check was never cashed and we will probably have to issue a replacement. Oh well, it will save us a bit of work for our year-end since the books will at least be up-to-date as of the end of October. Still looking for that mithril lining :-)

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