Thursday, December 3, 2009

Never Enough Time

I got a lot done yesterday, but still didn't get everything finished that I wanted to. I did manage to get a lot done on Chickie's gift. The current pieces have to stay under weights until tonight, and then I can do the next small step. I did ruin one part and had to run to the art supply store for some replacement supplies, but I progressed a lot!
I also decided what I wanted to do for Sharon's presentation box. This is the box into which I'll put her gift. Of course, I haven't started making the gift yet....but there is always Express Mail - LOL. I actually think I'll be on time with that.
I forget (or ran out of time) to order the books and wool for DH, so those might start to happen later this morning or tomorrow morning. I know I can't sit on these too long - with the wool coming from Canada. I'll check the pattern envelope quickly to be sure I am getting the right amount of wool ordered and get that going very quickly. I have a bit more breathing room with the books. Progress....progress!!

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