Friday, December 4, 2009

350 and I'm Not Bored Yet!

This is my 350th post. I'm pretty darned amazed that I've kept this up for as long as I have. I never had any luck with diaries or journals before, not even the electronic versions. But I have kept this blog going because it's been a great focusing item for me.
I spent last night working on finishing the front-piece for Chickie's gift. The temperatures right now are not very condusive to getting progress on Sharon's, so I'm getting a bit stymied there. But I still have a bit of time and I should have Chickie's finished by the next studio day so that I can concentrate on Sharon's then.
And things are starting to FINALLY pick up at the store. We're busy again, and the dollar volumes are tolerable. It's been a really tough year, so I'm happy that people haven't forgotten about us and still love us. Now I have to hope that this will continue for the month of December and that it will pull into the New Year also. A lot of things are on the line and we HAVE to have a good end to the year to keep things intact for 2010. There are times that I really hate running a small business, and when I look over the books and the finances, those reasons really come to the front. I would much rather create than balance the profits and losses - one reason why I never went into accounting or finance in college.

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