Saturday, December 5, 2009

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe

So many things to tempt me with, so little time to play with them. Now that I'm working a full week, my time is very constrained. This has cut into my evenings and I have had to spend the past couple of evenings working on things other than playing LOTRO with my DH or reading fan fic. As an example, last night I....
Put the 250 grams of Art Clay Copper that I just received onto my desk. It can sit there and mock me for a while because my free time has to be taken up with holiday gifts right now. But I have a plan for the copper, and I also want to test how well it will hold up to enamel, so I'll let it mock me. It won't be able to do so for long (evil and happy laugh extending through the room).
I also punched and assembled Chickie's holiday gift. It is now done. Could I have done better? Absolutely! But I'm pretty happy with it - I've never made a project like this before and it turned out better than I thought it would. I do have to buy two things though - shorter assembly posts for her gift, and a cast iron weight for my enamel work. This was made clear by her gift and I want to have one in my tools repertoire.
And I spent two hours editing the next chapter for my German friend, Iris. This story is engaging me, and the chapters are not massively lengthy, but doing corrections from a different language is always more labor-intensive than correcting a native speaker's syntax. I need to get working on her next chapter next week.
So there you have it - a typical night at my alternative workdesk in front of my computer screen. Tonight though, I will put myself back into Moria and continue to kill things with my DH as we work our way through to Lothlorien :-)

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