Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stealing Minutes...

I had a friend several years ago who beaded every chance that she got. While the breakfast was cooking, she beaded a bit. Watching her kids put on their winter garb, she beaded a bit. In this fashion, through stolen minutes, she completed wonderful projects. My crafting life is consisting of stolen minutes and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with it.
(enjoy this photo - Stolen Moments by Peter Jukes)

I know that all artists and craftspeople love it when they have a few hours to be able to devote to their art. It's only reasonable to be able to immerse yourself in the wonder of creation and the beauty of art. It is uplifting, it is something that can complete us as human beings, and it is something that can take the edge off a hard day. But those spans of time can be difficult to attain with the other obligations of our daily lives. I have taken to doing little bits at a time. This works all right...it's not a fantastic way to work on projects, but at least I get something accomplished every day. There are some projects, however, that require longer spans of time. I'll be diving into one of these tomorrow when I begin Phase Two of Sharon's gift. But first I have one more coat to paint onto her box, then I can spray the final sealant on it and glue on the surface decorations, and then I need to add the lining - and that's fairly straightforward. So, I'm progressing...in bits and spurts. Allow today to be a day when you open your eyes to the beauty in your surroundings - both in nature and in people.

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