Monday, December 14, 2009


Sometimes I wonder what sleep is. Although I usually fall asleep very quickly when I go to bed, I have not been sleeping as long as usual - even though I don't get a lot of sleep altogether. Today/tonight/last night I went to sleep shortly after 10:00 pm, but awakened at 2:30 am, thinking it was 3:30 am. I did a small bit of work on Sharon's box, and started up my computer. At that time I realized it was an hour earlier than I had expected. So....instead of doing the sensible thing and getting another hour of sleep on the couch, I loaded up the current story that I am reading in Tolkien fan-fic, and read for 45 minutes. It may not have been sensible, but the story has pulled me in. Four-and-a-half-hours of sleep is simply not enough for this 50+ year old artist, though. I will have to try to increase that a bit this coming week or I will totally crash and burn.

I found the perfect lining cloth for Sharon's box, and I will start work on the interior item this week. I'm quickly running out of time and I still don't have holiday cards either purchased, written, or mailed. They may well go out on the last day, but they will get there. I need another week....but I have no chance at all for that :-) Perhaps if I wasn't such a perfectionist, but I am and there it is. I wanted this to be a really special gift for my dearest friend, and it will be. But it may be slightly late because it takes longer to wait for glue to dry than I had anticipated - LOL.

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