Saturday, December 12, 2009

Progress and Backsteps

It is truly only 12 days until Christmas? All that I can think of is that it is only two more Sundays that I have to work. I know that I get asked from time to time to be open on Sundays, but I will go on record here stating that I really need my days off. As I was telling my DH yesterday - the best holiday gift that I got from him last year was my "extra day off" gift and that I wanted it again, only more of them. When he gives this to me, he basically works my shift for me so that I can have an extra studio day. The best present EVER!
I got the front decoration done on Sharon's box last night. I started out with the basic drawing that I had made, and then started adding some more embellishments, and ended up with quite a few extras. But I like it. I still need to do the back signature panel and the decoupage finish, but the exterior is finished and I can start thinking about the interior. That SHOULD be easier....but I know better. Easy is most definitely a relative term :-) But I have to shift into high gear - the clock is a-tickin'.

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