Friday, December 11, 2009

Desparation Is Setting In

I am beginning to see the desperate people coming into the shop now; those who really wanted to get something nice, or make something nice, but realize that they are running out of time. From this point on I will be getting a disproportionate amount of males trying to buy something for their female friends/lovers/spouses/children. So far the women have been buying kits or materials to make things as their gifts, but the men tend to buy finished product. They are my major jewelry, book, and gift card purchasers.
But I am also behind. I spent last night cutting out the next components for Sharon's box and I haven't even started on the interior yet. But, as I reassure myself - there is always express mail. And if not, then she may be getting her gift slightly late. Not what I am aiming for, though.
The snow has left but we have chilling cold right now. These are temps that we normally wouldn't be seeing until January/February, so it will be a long and cold winter for us this year. I think I'll try and fire up my kiln and my torch as often as I can -- fire = yummy warmth - LOL. I think, after I finish my current personal project, that my large pieced project will be my next one. But I need to get my cast iron weight first, so after the new year, it's time to take a look and see what I can find for a weight. The backs on these pieces items have to be absolutely flat, something that a weight will allow me to accomplish.

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