Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stage Two

The Box is finished (well....not 100%, but 90% and it will be 100% by the end of today). It closes a bit tightly, but I don't think there's much that I can do about that since I did increase the thickness by the decoupage media. I'll spray a quick protective coat on the inside before I add the lining to make sure that the inside won't stick to itself (that would make opening the box even more difficult). I only have two more Wednesdays to be able to work on things - in reality, this should hit the mail by the end of the week. In truth - I think that Express Mail will be the word of the day and it probably won't be mailed until much closer to Christmas.

At this time of the year in the USA, we get pounded with Christmas. I have nothing against Christianity - it's a great religion and sometimes is even practiced by people who actually follow the tenets that it expresses. But every so often I am rather amazed that in this nation of so many belief systems, one can become so predominant. But that's the way that it is. So while I smile at the Hanukkah lights and remember my childhood enjoying the Festival of Lights, and while I sing and listen to the variety of wonderful holiday carols, I will happily be celebrating the return of the light at Solstice. I think I need to find Solstice cards for next year :-)

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