Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow, Travel and Appointments

Nothing comes easy. Aarrgh. So, I want to pick up my friend Meghan and join Chickie for breakfast for the three of us. So, we got 5"-6" of snow last night. So, I get to start my day out by shoveling out my car, and I also get to hope that the side streets will be passable because... 1) Meghan lives on a side street, and 2) because I have to meet a house contractor at 4pm to get a quote on replacing some water damaged ceilings in the "old house" so that we can progress one more step towards getting the house onto the market in the spring. I also need to get to the grocers or else I won't have any dinner tonight, and I put on two pounds in the past two weeks. So, I'm not happy.
But, I did the primary painting of Sharon's box yesterday and I'm ready to start the next phase, and I have a bunch of wonderful things to play with while I make her item, and I still have two weeks to get everything done, so the world won't come to an end. But the timing of the snow could most certainly have been better :-)
And, I looked carefully at my budget and figured that I could afford a shortened trip for Bead & Button Show in 2010, so I made hotel reservations yesterday. I think I'll probably take the train or the MegaBus to cut my costs even more. I'll miss out on some things, but I'll at least have a chance to see my friends. So I am planning to come in on Wednesday, attend Meet the Teachers that night, and I'll leave on Sunday morning. A very short trip for me since I usually stay for eight days. But at least it's looking like I might be able to attend.... Maybe.... I hope....

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