Saturday, December 19, 2009

Photograph and Mail

Prezzies are finished. To get them done so that they could be mailed or boxed next week, I pushed other things onto back burners. Those things are starting to come out and yell at me, so I really do have to do some catch-up quite quickly. But, I think I'll spend tonight playing LOTRO because it's been a week since I last played and I really miss it. Tomorrow is soon enough to deal with photographing the items I made before wrapping them and calling it a day.

Got the large shipment of wool yesterday. It was a large roll of fabric, five feet tall. It looked like I was getting a roll of carpet, but didn't weigh like carpet. I am thrilled, but getting this home will be tricky and wrapping??? I don't think that wrapping is going to happen. I would cut and sew the cape for DH quickly, but I want to make sure it will be what he wants and I'm not sure if he wants a hood or collar and whether he wants it lined or not. I do know that he wants it to be a short cape, but I want to establish the exact length also. So, he's getting a roll of very expensive custom-milled fabric. It won't take very long to get together, especially if he doesn't want it lined. Then, if he wants embroidery, that's where the time will come in. The detail needlework is really time consuming and is what has been taking me forever on my own cloak :-) But, my holiday is getting merrier :-)

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