Friday, December 18, 2009


My holiday gifts are 99-1/2% finished. I need to purchase two gift cards, label, sign and address my Solstice cards (they'll be late, but they'll be out by Christmas) and pack and ship Sharon's gift. Hers is almost 100% finished with the last little bit to be completed today. Even Jim likes what I made - that's a rarity. I will have to write a small note of explanation to go along with it, but that's not a problem. Generally, I'm happy.
AVATAR was released at midnight last night. I really want to see this film. After all - 10 foot blue elves that fly (yes - they are flying by riding flying creatures - but that qualifies as flying) - what more could I ask for? I think Jim might take me to see this for our Christmas movie. But if not, I'll go by myself if necessary right after the holiday season lets up. I really won't have any time to myself until after the New Year . Next week I have my last studio day for the year because I'm tied up at the shop the week after, on the last Wednesday of the year. I am trying to line up everything that I will need so that I can have a wonderfully creative day. I think I'll pull this off :-)

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