Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday - Errands and Art

Have I mentioned lately that I love my Wednesdays? My list of errands will take me from Southwestern Minneapolis to the Northern suburbs, but eventually I'll get home, get wires laid for my latest enamel pieces and work on the prez for Chickie. I'm not quite as far along on this as I had wanted to be, but it's progressing. I know that the holidays are still out a ways, but my time compresses into five Wednesdays or so - not really much time at all.
My cloak bosses are progressing. The backing has been sawn out of the silver sheet and the final shaping and finishing is going on. The actual soldering processes have been running through my mind for the past week or so to allow me to visualize exactly what steps I want to do and in what order. I think I will treat myself to breakfast today - not exactly sure where, but I'll certainly have many choices as I drive through the cities :-)
But I can hardly wait until I can get to my kiln, and I'm very grateful that the images I'm doing today are pretty low-key and shouldn't take forever to get the wires bent and put on. I'll be using opaque enamels for this one, so sifting and applying carefully will be the key to success. I suspect I'll be shutting down the kiln when DH walks through the door tonite to maximize my time with the heat. But once I get these two pieces done, the rest of the project will be much faster and I might even have the prez complete by Thanksgiving if all runs smoothly.

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