Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twin? - I Could Wish!

I wish I could split myself off from myself at this time of the year. I have gifts to make, a website (personal as well as my shop's) to update, newsletters to write and send, a husband to de-stress, customers to help, personal projects to do....etc....etc...etc. No rest for the good or the wicked - no time for anything. In spite of lack of time and too much to do, I still have to make the effort. That means I'll have to teach my DH how to enter names into my newsletter's database (since I need to get a newsletter going and I'm more than 20 pages of names behind - ). I would MUCH rather be working on the silverwork for my cloak or my pressie for my friend, Chickie.
I also need to get some photographs made of my latest enamel pieces, some Emails with attached photos of previous projects out to people who wanted to add them to their own technique slide shows, and in general, there just aren't enough hours in the day. And since I'm stressed to the max anyway, what the heck. Let's just add a few more things to the mix.....yeah, right! Anyone got a good machine to make me a twin? At least through the holiday season?

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