Thursday, November 19, 2009


There is something so satisfying about breaking things apart. After I was finished with my enamel work yesterday, I had some time left before I needed to work upstairs, and I wanted to get my framework together for the larger enamel pieces that I am planning for 2010. To frame these, I am using some box parts and scrapping other parts. Thus, the tearing and breaking things apart. With hammer and screwdriver, I chisled my way into the boxes and disassembled them. It was quite cathartic.

The errands went smoothly, even efficiently; and the enamel work also went well. Rather than wet-packing this low-key cloissonae, I decided to try some precision sifting and dry pack it. It actually turned out to be pretty fun, although I don't think it is a technique that I will use often on cloisonnae. It was certainly not as precise as the wet packing would have been, but I was looking for a looser feel and a more cartoon-like look and I succeeded in that. I actually managed to complete the items and will continue with the next stage in the Chickie's present. Things are coming together. Now to figure out what I can make for my BFF Sharon. At worst, I can buy something, but I would prefer to make something if I can. Hmmmmm.....

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