Friday, November 20, 2009


I'm always rather amazed (and flattered) when people call me talented. There are so many other people out in the world who are far more talented than I am. People who have the ability to pick up an pencil and begin drawing and have something totally wonderful to look at within an hour. People who can look at a range of color pots with a brush in their hands and paint something exceptional within a short time. And people who can take metal and make it sing to the point that it will become wondrously complex and beautiful. I am not one of any of those people. I slog. I work hard at it. I don't think I have talent as much as perseverance and pure stubbornness. I have the internal vision of what I want to make and I try my utmost to make it happen. And sometimes, if the God/Goddess smiles, I have positive results.
I am trying to work on the settings for my enamel pieces for my cloak. I got the first piece refined yesterday morning and I'll have the second piece refined today or tomorrow. But then I'll have to get the additions on - the pin backs (two for each boss), the bezels on the front side, and maybe the corrugated wire accent (still undecided on that). I haven't soldered in months (I know - my jewelry friends will be appalled at this, but I simply haven't had the time and I've been involved in other projects). So, here I am, trying to reinvent the wheel for the umpteenth time. I wish I had a bit more confidence in my skill levels, but I'm determined that this will work (and it will). More practice would certainly make it easier, though....

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