Saturday, November 21, 2009


I recall a cartoon from when I was young. It was posted in the luncheonette where I worked for an incredibly low amount of money in the local hospital. The only good thing about it was their tuna salad, the ham salad, and the soft-serve ice cream machine. Lunches were wonderful, I was young and didn't have expenses, and I made friends. Anyway, to return to the cartoon. The cartoon featured two vultures sitting on a branch overlooking an empty land. One vulture was turned to the other and said.."Patience my ass. I'm going to kill something." That's about where I'm at right now. Next week is Turkey Day. At first my DH said that he didn't want a turkey this year, but wanted it for Christmas instead. Then, two days ago, he changed his mind. Now, normally we would have gone shopping for the food last night - Friday nights are good for us to shop. But since he got into a stupid argument with me at work yesterday and walked out, he isn't talking to me. How boring. So, it remains to be seen whether I will end up with turkey on Turkey Day or not.

At this time of the year, I count my days in terms of studio time. My studio day next week is cut short because I have to show up at the shop in mid-afternoon and help decorate so that I can have Thursday off. That leaves December 2, 9, 15 and 23. I have Chickie's gift 60% finished. When I print out some pages, that will increase to 75%. I need to purchase one tool on Wednesday to allow me to finish the rest of it. But I haven't figured out what to make/get Sharon or Poo at all. I've barely heard from Maja all year, so she'll get a card, but no gift. But I'm at a loss. I'm not usually in this much of a tight spot, but nothing is coming to me. I'll have to put some serious thought into it - I'm sure I can come up with something. The next question is - will it be able to arrive in time for the "Big Day". I'll give it my best attempt. I want more TIME!!!

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