Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Sense of Accomplishment

It was a very busy Wednesday. I did my morning errands - even though I only had two things on my list, I still ended up not getting home until 11:30 am. But I scored one of the boxes that I most love for my enamel projects, so the time was well worth it. After I got the groceries put away (wilted lettuce does NOT work well for me unless it is for a wilted lettuce salad), I popped down and turned on the kiln. I had purchased some new holders for my leaded enamels - I had run out of room in my old holder (and it was cracking). The new holder had depressions in each corner, so I had to make a platform to fit the bottom first before putting my jars of enamel in. I now have two nice containers with a level bottom and enough room for my brushes and spatulas.
Of course, having the enamels out meant that I just had to work with them too - LOL. I stoned down Telperion and did the final fill on it. Then stoned it down to final and did a flash fire. I'm VERY happy with how this one turned out. Now to get to work on the actual setting. I'll try to get to the silver bench within the next 48 hours to get things plotted out, sawn out, and get the bezel soldered on. I fabricate as an addendum to my enamel work, so I don't fire my torch up very often. I'll be crossing my fingers and hoping that I get the bezel soldered up properly. I love working with metal, but it's very secondary to working with glass.
And then I started work on Chickie's holiday gift and got the basics cut out properly on it. I have some detail work for cutting to get done now and I have to see if I have appropriate tools at the shop or not. And I may change things slightly. But I think this will turn out well as long as I keep my options open for a while. I also did three loads of laundry - one of which was new fabric for a light-weight cloak for next year. I love my Wednesdays.....

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