Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Exhaustion and Count-Down

I am exhausted. Pure, simple. When I feel like I'm running on empty, all I want to do is sleep. But sleep is a luxury that I won't get until Thanksgiving Day and again Christmas Day. Every other day has an alarm clock waking me up at 3:30am Monday-Saturday and 7:30am on Sunday. Icky! I really need some concentrated sleep!
One of the reasons I can't indulge in sleep is because I need to get going on my holiday gifts. I'm pretty poor this year, so money will be spent for materials, not finished product. I will be starting work on Chickie's holiday gift today - I have all of the materials gathered and ready to go. Since hers will involve some enameling, I want to get going on that - get the design done and ready to put into the kiln next week. Plenty of work to do. I am on a hunt for the perfect fabric for my DH's short cape. He wants one in a granite grey and I'm finding the fabric very difficult to find. If I can find it, I can pull the cape together in a concentrated day of sewing. I'd like to have it ready for one of his holiday gifts, so I'm going to check the fabric store again today on my way home from my morning errands.
What are you going to gift people during the holiday season? Are you going to be making things for some of them? I always love making things for people - it's so much more personal. Well, I've got to get moving - at least when I'm creating things, I'm not tired anymore - a bonus!

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