Friday, November 6, 2009

Progress and Brain Sparks

So, since my enamel disks are so close to conclusion, I spent my "lunch" working on designing the setting for them. I think I made some good progress on that. The setting needs to be sturdy so that it can handle the strains of being used as a cloak boss, needs to hold the disk securely, needs to be decorative - not just functional, and needs to have an attachment feature on the back that will allow it to be attached to the cloak. I have been mulling this over for more than a month and have decided to make a pin-style structure instead of sewing the boss onto the cloak. This will allow me to switch sides from the embroidered side to the satin side, and it will also allow me to remove the boss easily so that I can launder the cloak. But because I want a pin, I also have to make sure that I design the setting so that no undue pressure will be placed on either the pin back itself or the cloak fabric. It's a fun challenge and I think I've figured it out. Now to make sure that I am finished with the enamel work and then I can start scribing and sawing out the silver, turn on the torch (gotta love fire - yippee!) and get the front and back soldered together.
I also was a good girl yesterday and set up all of the doctor appointments that I should have set up four months ago. My December/January is now filled, but I was able to get early morning appointments for each of the appointments and that makes me very happy. The only question is whether I will have a conflict with any dental appointments (since I didn't check my main calendar when setting up the appt. Guess I'd better check that out when I get back to the shop in a few hours. Hope you have a productive day today - I would like you to look back on your artistic production for your Friday as happily as I have looked at my day from yesterday.

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