Saturday, November 7, 2009

Coupons and Projects

Is anything better than a coupon from a well-loved store? I simply live for my coupons from Barnes & Noble Booksellers and from Dick Blick's Art Supplies. Last night, to take advantage of a Dick Blick's coupon for 30% off a single, standard priced item, DH and I made a night of it. We were originally going to have a quick dinner at home and then go to the store. But DH phoned me at work and suggested that we go to the store first and then he would take me out for pizza. Hard to beat that! So I picked up the supplies that I needed for Chickie's holiday gift, he picked up some modeling clay for his sculpting, and we had an awesome pizza afterwards (which reflected on the scale this morning-so it's time to be careful about what I eat again for a few days). Now I can get to work designing the works for Chickie's gift. It'll be fun!
I showed my almost-finished cloisonnae disks of Telperion and Laurelin to DH last night. He says I have something to learn about the anatomy of trees (LOL), but I'm very happy with them. I hope to get some photos up here for people to see within a week or so.
I have two projects in the works for when the disks are complete. I have the piece for Chickie's holiday gift, and I have a much larger piece that I want to do in pierced copper called "Vision of the Straight Road". DH printed out a reference photo for me last night and I also downloaded lots of reference pieces to look at before I sit down with a sketchbook. I've actually sketched a couple of possible versions over the past few days, but I need to start getting a bit more serious about the layout. I think I'll be putting this into one of the mahogany frames that I've acquired, so that gives me my dimensions. It's fairly large, though. So piecing will be necessary since I have such a small kiln. Have a wonderful weekend!

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