Thursday, November 5, 2009

Efficiency Has Rewards

Efficiency has its' own rewards, and yesterday I was very efficient. Oh, I still wish I had more time, but I got a lot done in the time that I did have. I had all of my run-around errands finished by 11:30 am and had the kiln turned on and pre-heating by noon. Then I sat down with my new enamels and jars. I got all of the new enamels transferred to their jars, labelled, and those that I needed right away washed and ready to use by 3:00 pm. Then I started working.
Laurelin got a new coat of some darker colors. Then I stoned it down and finally flash-fired it. Laurelin's enamel is finished and now I need to design the setting. Telperion got two more coats of color - it is so delicate and beautiful. I'm absolutely thrilled with this tree. I now need to stone down some parts and assess whether or not I want to just flash fire it or whether I prefer to just put a clear coat down. Either way, they both should be ready for setting by the end of next Wednesday and that leaves me the ability to work on my next project design this week. I'll try and take some pictures within the next week or so. Yippee!
I've been trying to work on my drawing every day. I didn't have a lot of time yesterday, though, so while I was waiting for Chickie to arrive at the Theatre for "Where The Wild Things Are", I pulled out my sketchbook and a pencil and drew foreshortened tables for a while. They are getting better, but I'm still not totally instinctive about them, so I still need to work on these for a while longer. (And the movie was wonderful!) Happy Thursday!

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