Friday, October 9, 2009

Winged Visitor

I adore birds. I love their freedom, their perspective, and their music. However, I am not very keen on sharing my home with wild birds. Yesterday, that's what happened and it was quite unusual.
I had been hearing small rustlings from next to me while I was working at the computer yesterday morning, but I left at 6am as usual to meet my friend Eleanor for our weekly breakfast and chat. After breakfast, instead of going directly to the shop, I decided to drop by home quickly and pick up my sketchbook because I wanted to determine final dimensions for some copper enamel that I will be working on later this week. I went into the computer room and grabbed my sketchbook, I also took my sample embroidery to determine if I wanted to change the stitch before I got too far into the current project for embroidery. I turned the TV on to CNBC and settled down to spend 1/2 hour before I went to work. Then I heard a rustle and saw movement. Looking up at my draperies, there was a simply lovely, small, blue and white flycatcher on top of my drapery. Except that he really didn't belong there. He was quite calm and curious about what I was doing.
I took my sketchbook, purse and cape (I didn't want bird poop on my cape, nor did I want possible tears from beak or claws), turned off the light and closed the door behind me. I phone a wild animal catching company who said that they could be out within 30 minutes and it would cost just under $100 (ouch!). But I really couldn't deal with a live bird in my most heavily used room and I had to get to work. So, 30 minutes later, Dan was there with a net. Five minutes after that the bird was flying free in the great outdoors and I was handing Dan my credit card. I enjoyed the visit and loved looking at the beautiful colors of my winged visitor. I am delighted that he is free to find his friends and experience our fall weather. I wish it could have been a little less expensive of an experience, but it was a fun experience none-the-less. Lesson for the day.....allow your creativity to fly on wings today in honor of my little visitor.

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